(A)   Whitley Farmers Market shall be wholly responsible for entering into contracts by and between market participants, which contracts shall incorporate this chapter and include provisions setting forth health and safety requirements, property maintenance and utilization, remedies for breach, covenants not to sue, and indemnification clauses. Whitley Farmers Market, in its position as operator of the market, shall establish contracts not only to protect the interests of Whitley Farmers Market, but to protect the interests of the city as well.
   (B)   Whitley Farmers Market shall have the final determination as to what home baked goods and handmade crafts may be sold at the market and to what additional rules and regulations vendors must comply to participate in the market.
(1980 Code, § 119.05)  (Ord. 2005, passed 4-25-2000; Am. Ord. 2012-13, passed 6-26-2012; Am. Ord. 2017-7, passed 4-11-2017)