(A)   Criteria established.  The Common Council hereby reserves the right pursuant to I.C. 5-22-14-3 to establish criteria for determining qualifications as a small business and to identify specific supplies for small business set-aside purchases.
   (B)   Qualifications.  A business qualifies as a small business if it:
      (1)   Is independently owned and operated;
      (2)   Is not dominant in its field of operation; and
      (3)   Qualifies as a small business under standards established by the Indiana Department of Commerce.
   (C)   Businesses that are not small businesses.
      (1) A wholesale business, if its average annual sales for its most recently completed fiscal year exceeds $4,000,000;
      (2)   A construction business, if its average annual receipts for the preceding three fiscal years exceeds $4,000,000;
      (3)   A retail business or business selling services, if its annual sales and receipts exceed $500,000; and
      (4)   A manufacturing business, if it employs more than 100 persons.
(1980 Code, § 34.19)  (Ord. 2001-3, passed 3-13-2001)