(A) The grantee shall neither impose nor collect any charge for the disconnection of any installation or outlet.
   (B)   In the event that a subscriber fails to pay a properly due fee or charge, the grantee may disconnect the subscriber's service outlet, upon giving ten days written notice thereof.
   (C)   If the grantee collects a deposit or advance charge on any service or equipment requested by a subscriber or user, the grantee shall provide such service or equipment within 30 days of the collection of the deposit or charge or it shall refund such deposit. 
   (D)   In the event that a subscriber terminates basic service prior to the end of a prepaid period, the pro rata portion of any pre-paid  subscriber fee which represents payment for services which are no longer to be rendered shall be refunded.
   (E)   Upon the termination of service to a subscriber, the grantee shall repair at its own cost any damage done to that subscriber's real or personal property caused by the grantee's removal of its lines or equipment.
(1980 Code, § 118.116)  (Ord. 1996-4, passed 4-9-1996)