(A)   The grantee will maintain a local, toll-free or collect call telephone access line which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      (1)   Trained representatives of the grantee will be available to respond to telephone inquiries during normal business hours.
      (2)   After normal business hours, the access line may be answered by a service or an automated response system, including an answering machine.  Inquiries received after normal business must be responded to by a trained representative of the grantee on the next business day.
   (B)   Under normal operation conditions, telephone answer time by a customer representative, including wait time, shall not exceed 30 seconds from when the connection is made.  If the call needs to be transferred, transfer time shall not exceed 30 seconds.  These standards shall be met no less than 90% of the time, measured on a quarterly basis.  For purpose of compliance with the terms of this chapter and the franchise agreement, if the city government determines that there have been violations of these standards, the grantee has the burden of proving to the city government's satisfaction that such violations are not in excess of the 90% compliance requirement.
   (C)   The grantee will not be required to acquire equipment or perform surveys to measure compliance with the telephone answering standards above unless an historical record of the complaints, as interpreted by the Common Council, indicates a clear failure to comply.
   (D)   Under normal operation conditions, the caller will receive a busy signal less than 3% of the time.
   (E)   Customer service center and bill payment locations will be open at least during normal business hours and will be conveniently located.  Subscribers that bring bill payments to the customer service center during normal business hours or bill payment locations will have their accounts credited for having made that payment at that time.
(1980 Code, § 118.111)  (Ord. 1996-4, passed 4-9-1996)