(A)   The owner, occupant, or lessee of any premises in the city who uses garbage and rubbish receptacles shall provide such receptacles of galvanized metal or other like materials with handles or a pail with close-fitting covers, and such receptacles shall be watertight and have the capacity of not less than 5 gallons nor more than 30 gallons and gross weight when filled not in excess of 90 pounds.  Receptacles made of plastic or other synthetic materials such as bags are acceptable if the bags are completely waterproof and are closed by some form of binding at the top which prevents the strewing of garbage and other like materials.
   (B)   Dry wood, mineral, or vegetable waste may be sorted in an appropriate container, the capacity of which shall not exceed 90 gallons and the gross weight not in excess of 90 pounds.
(1980 Code, § 98.09)  (Ord. 741, passed 2-24-1981)  Penalty, see § 98.99