§ 54.03  PROCEDURE.
   (A)   Whenever a property owner or owners or developer should desire the construction of public improvements, they shall first petition the Board of Public Works and Safety.  This petition shall clearly state the type of public improvement desired and its location, and shall be signed by the property owners making such a request.  The procedure outlined in the city's subdivision control ordinance shall also be followed in the case of new development.
   (B)   Upon receiving the petition, the Board of Public Works and Safety will review existing facilities in the area and prepare a preliminary cost estimate for the public facilities requested and make a determination of the available funds to assist in any cost sharing of these public improvements.  Upon completion of this determination, the Board of Public Works and Safety shall then inform the petitioner and other affected property owners, who will be expected to cost-share in the public works aspect of the proposed project and the Board's finding, including the estimated cost.
   (C)   The Common Council or the Board of Public Works and Safety, after consultation with the developer and/or property owner, may determine whether or not to proceed with the project.  If the decision is made to proceed with the project, the terms and conditions of the city's participation shall be set forth in writing and signed by the appropriate city official and the developer and/or the affected property owners.  The city shall then follow the applicable state statutes for the construction of public improvements and complete the project accordingly.
(1980 Code, § 54.03)  (Res. 1995-23, passed 8-22-1995)