The legislative authority of the city shall be vested in the Common Council. All powers and duties of the city that are legislative in nature shall be exercised or performed by the Common Council. Council may not elect or appoint a person to any office or employment, except as provided by statute.  Council may manage the finances of the city to the extent that that power is not vested in the executive branch.
(I.C. 36-4-4-4)  (1980 Code, § 31.01)
Statutory reference:
   Clerk of Council, duties, see I.C. 36-4-6-9
   Election districts, see I.C. 36-4-6-5
   General powers, see I.C. 36-4-6
   Mayor to preside, tie vote, see I.C. 36-4-6-8
   Meetings, quorum, see I.C. 36-4-6-7 and 36-4-6-10
   Passage of ordinances, see I.C. 36-4-6-13
   Powers, see I.C. 36-4-6-18
   Residence, see I.C. 36-4-6-2