(A)   Establishment.  A Capital Improvements Program Committee is hereby established to assist in the formulation, adoption and execution of a Capital Improvements Program for the city.
   (B)   Membership.  The Capital Improvements Program Committee shall consist of five members as follows: the Mayor, the Clerk-Treasurer, two members of the Common Council, a representative from the Board of Public Works and Safety.  Each appointment is a one year term commencing in January of each year.
   (C)   Responsibilities. 
      (1)   The Capital Improvements Program Committee shall annually prepare a five-year Capital Improvements Program.  The Committee shall also issue annually a status report on the capital improvement projects included in the Capital Improvements Program for the current year.
      (2)   In fulfillment of these responsibilities the Committee shall:
         (a)   Distribute and receive all forms related to the program;
         (b)   Conduct interviews regarding project proposals;
         (c)   Review, evaluate and prioritize each of the project proposals;
         (d)   Schedule the projects according to priority and the availability of funding.
   (D)   Plan Commission review.  The long range implications of the program and its effects on the Comprehensive Plan shall be reviewed by the Plan Commission prior to its submission to Common Council.
(1980 Code, § 30.12)  (Ord. 1994-9, passed 4-26-1994; Am. Ord. 2001-18, passed 11-27-2001)