A.   The Comprehensive Plan may contain statements identifying the present conditions and major problems relating to development, physical deterioration, and the location of land uses and the social and economic effects thereof, and may show the projected nature and rate of change in present conditions for the reasonably foreseeable future based on a projection of current trends, and may forecast the probable social and economic consequences which will result from such changes.
   B.   The Comprehensive Plan may include statements of objectives, policies and strategies regarding proposed or foreseeable changes in present conditions and problems and regarding any other matters of citizen concern. The plan may analyze the probable social and economic consequences of its objectives, policies and strategies and shall evaluate, to the extent feasible, alternative objectives, policies and strategies with respect to probable social and economic consequences.
   C.   The Comprehensive Plan may include statements regarding the coordination of the plans, objectives, policies and strategies.
   D.   The Comprehensive Plan may include maps, diagrams or other visual aids which illustrate, clarify or explain these statements. (Ord. 91-30; Ord. 01-42)