The Comprehensive Plan shall be based on the following:
   A.   Population and population distribution, which may include analysis by age, educational level, income, employment, race or other appropriate characteristics.
   B.   Amount, type, intensity and general location of commerce and industry.
   C.   Amount, type, quality and general location of housing.
   D.   General location and extent of existing or currently planned major transportation, utility and community facilities.
   E.   Amount, general location, and interrelationship of different categories of land use.
   F.   Extent and general location of blighted or deteriorated areas and related factors.
   G.   Areas, sites or structures of historical, archaeological, architectural, paleontological and scenic significance.
   H.   Natural resources, including air, water, open spaces, forests, soils, wildlife and minerals.
   I.   Present and prospective availability of financial resources needed to undertake development proposed in the plan.
   J.   Any other matters found to be important to future land development, community character and quality of life. (Ord. 91-30; Ord. 01-42)