The Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Department and City Council in all matters pertaining to the planning, development, improvement, beautification, equipping and maintaining of the public parks, trails, open space, playgrounds, programs, the urban forest, recreation facilities, resources, and historic medians of the City, both within and without the corporate limits, including the Municipal cemeteries, golf courses and related facilities. The Board shall have the following duties:
   A.   Hold periodic meetings at which all interest groups and organizations have an opportunity to appear and be heard with reference to particular objectives, programs or developments.
   B.   Review the capital budget prepared for the Department by the Manager and submit to the Manager and Mayor suggestions and recommendations for expenditures for the maintenance and development of the parks, trails, open space and recreational facilities of the City for the ensuing fiscal year. Review and recommendations shall be submitted in time for inclusion in the Mayor's annual budget, but shall be advisory only.
   C.   Recommend to the Manager and City Council plans, action plans and recommendations for the development of the park, trail, open space and recreation facilities of the City, together with recommendations for the amounts to be expended each year for those purposes.
   D.   Recommend to the Manager a general overall program of park, trail, open space and recreational developments contemplating the progressive maximum development of the recreational facilities and action plans, landscaping and beautification of the City, keeping in mind the enjoyment and use of the facilities by the greatest number of persons and the general benefits to the City and its citizens as a whole rather than the special benefits to particular groups and interests. Plans shall list projects in the order of preference or priority of accomplishment.
   E.   Recommend to the City Council the adoption of rules, regulations and ordinances for the use of park, trail, open space and recreation facilities of the City, and the names for City parks and charges relating to park and facility use.
   F.   Serve as the Trails, Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee 1 to City Council and implement the provisions of article 6 of this chapter, by separate and additional resolutions, rules and regulations, for the best interests and preservation of the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City, including, without limitation, all rules and regulations designed to assure that all proceeds from the Colorado Springs Trails, Open Space and Parks Fund shall be used for the purposes set forth in article 6 of this chapter.
   G.   Review at public hearing and decide all development activities for Park Master Plans for parks, trails, or open spaces.
   H.   Review and recommend approval or denial or requests for easements or rights-of-way, either aboveground or underground, across City owned property under the management of the department.
   I.   Appoint temporary committees to review and advise the Board on various matters that may require additional citizen input or ongoing study, including assisting the Board in making recommendations to the City Council pursuant to the provisions of article 6 of this chapter.
   J.   Adopt rules for its own organization and procedure. (Ord. 1757; Ord. 2130; 1968 Code §1-158; Ord. 76-152; Ord. 88-265; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 11-19; Ord. 18-21)



1. See section 4.6.103 of this chapter.