As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings designated unless the context specifically indicates otherwise or unless the meanings are excluded by express provision:
ALCOHOL BEVERAGE: Fermented malt beverage or malt, vinous or spirituous liquors, except that "alcohol beverage" shall not include confectionery containing alcohol within the limits prescribed by Colorado Revised Statutes section 25-5-410(1)(i)(II).
CITY FORESTER: A professional forester appointed by the Manager to manage the urban forest and supervise the City's professional forestry and arboricultural staff, or the City Forester's designated representative.
DEPARTMENT: The administrative group or department of the City responsible for parks, recreation and cultural services.
MANAGER: The person, appointed by and reporting directly to the Mayor, charged with administrative responsibility for parks, recreation and cultural services, or the Manager's designated representative.
OPEN SPACE: A parcel of public park land set aside to retain land, water, flora, fauna, historic or aesthetic features in their natural state; scenic or open condition; parcel size to be based on the surface area necessary to maintain the integrity of the unique site characteristics. Public use to be based on the preservation of the unique site characteristics and the scope of facility development to be based on the evaluated carrying capacity of the site. Open space shall also have the meaning defined in section 4.6.101 of this chapter.
PARK AND RECREATION MASTER PLAN: Land use and operational plan for Citywide park and recreation system.
PARK; PARK LAND: Those areas, structures or facilities which are parks, parkways, medians and recreation facilities owned or managed by agreement by the City and which are under the control, management and supervision of the Department. Park and park land shall also have the meaning defined in section 4.6.101 of this chapter.
PARK PROPERTY: Any real or personal property, or improvements of or relating to parks, open space, trails or park facilities belonging to the City. Park property shall include all trees, plants, shrubs and vegetation, all natural terrain formations, all historical, cultural, archaeological, and paleontological resources, all rocks, stones and boulders, and all improvements to the park areas such as tables, benches, railings, fences, signs, fountains, canopies, pavilions, roads, sidewalks, fireplaces, buildings, bridges, bleachers and equipped play areas.
PARK ROADS: Roads and drives in and upon the parks of the City which are intended for public use only for the purpose of enjoyment of the parks for recreational and open space purposes and are not intended to be used for any public purpose normally and usually associated with and incidental to public streets and thoroughfares. Park roads shall not be used for purely private purposes, such as access to private property adjoining park property, except with express permission of the City Council.
PLAN REVIEW PROCESS: A park and/or recreation facility development process which involves design input from the Department, other Municipal departments or enterprises, Utilities and residents of the City of Colorado Springs.
STEWARDSHIP: The provision of services that protect, maintain and enhance the condition, longevity and overall well-being of facilities and elements of the built environment and the health and vitality of the natural environment.
TRAILS: A defined path for designated nonmotorized use (hiker, jogger, biker, equestrian), or where specifically designated for motorized use. Trails are generally constructed of compacted soil, gravel, asphalt or concrete material, and are located on dedicated park property, trail easements or within the established multiuse trail corridors. Trails shall also have the meaning defined in section 4.6.101 of this chapter.
VOLUNTEER: Any person who has registered with the Volunteers in Parks Program, has been accepted by the Manager as an authorized volunteer and who is performing volunteer duties.
WATERCRAFT: Every type of vessel used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. Watercraft may include hand propelled boats, belly boats, motorized boats and wind vessels. (Ord. 4716; 1968 Code §10-2; Ord. 88-65; Ord. 88-265; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 11-19; Ord. 18-21)