All persons to be utilized as drivers of snowplowing vehicles must be approved by the Traffic Engineer. Each must meet the following specific qualifications, to be submitted for approval to the Traffic Engineer:
   A.   Age: All drivers must be aged eighteen (18) years or older.
   B.   Driver's License: Each driver must possess a valid Colorado driver's license permitting operation of the type of vehicle driven.
   C.   Physical Condition:
      1.   Each driver must establish by means of a report of a physical examination conducted by a person licensed to practice medicine by the State of Colorado, that the driver is of sound physique, with good eyesight and not subject to epilepsy, vertigo, heart trouble, drug or alcohol addiction or any other infirmity of body or mind which might render the driver unfit for the safe operation of a snowplowing vehicle.
      2.   A report of physical examination submitted shall be valid during the license period when submitted and for one subsequent license renewal period unless the Traffic Engineer shall direct otherwise.
   D.   Driving Record: Each operator must submit a copy of the driver's driving record as maintained by the Colorado Department of Revenue plus, if the applicant has not been licensed to drive a motor vehicle by the State of Colorado during the full three (3) year period prior to the date of the application, copies of all records maintained by the State or states in which the applicant was licensed during that three (3) year period.
   E.   Driver Approval:
      1.   Each driver must submit an affidavit stating whether the driver has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony involving alcohol or drug abuse or misuse, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, or other moving traffic violations during the five (5) years prior to and including application, and listing the date, place and charge of any conviction suffered.
      2.   The City Traffic Engineer may refuse the application of any driver whose police record shows any conviction per subsection E1 of this section, or which indicates the driver should not be entrusted with operating a snowplowing vehicle on the public streets.
      3.   The City Traffic Engineer may refuse the application of any driver whose traffic record shows convictions for repeated moving traffic violations occurring during the three (3) years immediately prior to the date of application for the license required by this part. For the purposes of this section, the term "Moving Traffic Violation" shall include any traffic offense whether committed within the State of Colorado or elsewhere, for which penalty points could have been assessed against the applicant's driving privilege by the Colorado Department of Revenue had the offense been committed in Colorado. "Repeated" shall mean conviction of an adjudication of guilty of four (4) or more moving traffic violations during the three (3) year period prior to the date of application, conviction, or adjudication of guilt of any one or more moving traffic violations which, either alone or together, would have been sufficient to warrant the suspension of the applicant's driving privilege in the State of Colorado, or conviction or adjudication of guilty of any offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of or while the applicant's ability was impaired by either alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant. (Ord. 88-193; Ord. 01-42)