2.7.901: Duties And Powers Of Director
2.7.902: Preservation Of Tax Reports And Returns
2.7.903: First Administrative Hearing
2.7.904: Second Administrative Hearing
2.7.905: Time Limitation For Hearing Requests
2.7.906: Judicial Review Of Hearings Under Section 2.7.904 Of This Part
2.7.907: Sales Or Use Tax – Posting Of Bonds Upon Final Decision Under Section 2.7.904 Of This Part
2.7.908: Sales And Use Tax – Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure – Deficiency Notice Or Claim For Refund
2.7.909: Notices; Manner Of Delivery
2.7.910: Coordinated Audit
2.7.911: Intercity Claims For Recovery
2.7.912: Notice Of Sales And Use Tax Ordinance Amendment
2.7.913: Participation In Simplification Meetings