2.7.401: Exemptions; Dispute Procedures
2.7.402: Automotive Vehicles
2.7.403: Bad Debts Charged Off
2.7.404: Charitable And Religious Organizations
2.7.405: Cigarettes
2.7.406: City Sales Tax Paid; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.407: Constitutional Prohibitions
2.7.408: Containers, Labels
2.7.409: Deliveries To Nonresident Outside City
2.7.410: Direct Taxes
2.7.411: Discounts
2.7.412: Rebates
2.7.413: Finance Charges
2.7.414: Feed, Seeds And Orchard Trees
2.7.415: Food
2.7.416: Garage Sales
2.7.417: Gasoline; Motor Fuel
2.7.418: Governments, Sales To
2.7.419: Interstate Commerce Sales; Shipments Out Of State
2.7.420: Livestock
2.7.421: Livestock And Poultry Bedding
2.7.422: Manufactured Products; Component Parts; Ingredients
2.7.423: Mobile Homes
2.7.424: Motion Picture Theaters
2.7.425: Newspapers
2.7.426: Newsprint, Printer's Ink
2.7.427: One Hundred Dollar Exemption; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.428: Power For Manufacture
2.7.429: Medical Exemptions
2.7.430: Use More Than Three Years After Purchase; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.431: Public Utilities
2.7.432: Returned Goods
2.7.433: Room Rentals By The Month
2.7.434: Sales Or Use Tax Paid To Another City; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.435: Sales And Use Tax Paid To Another State; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.436: School Sponsored Person
2.7.437: Schools
2.7.438: Service Sales
2.7.439: Special Fuel
2.7.440: Storage Of Certain Property
2.7.441: Temporary Resident; Use Tax Exemption
2.7.442: Traded In Or Exchanged Property
2.7.443: Wholesale Sales
2.7.444: Machinery Or Equipment; Alternative Rate Of Tax Exemption
2.7.445: Sales Tax - Nonapplicability
2.7.446: Use Tax - Proration As Applied To Certain Construction Equipment
2.7.447: Purchase Of Machinery Or Equipment Located Directly And Exclusively In The City
2.7.448: Precast Concrete Building Elements
2.7.449: Sales Or Use By Commercial Airline
2.7.450: Sales Or Use Tax In A Commercial Aeronautical Zone