FOOD: Any raw, cooked, or processed edible substance, ice, beverage, or ingredient used or intended for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption.
MOBILE FOOD VENDOR: Any person who operates in the City selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for food from or upon the public right-of-way, or to a person on the public right-of-way.
MOBILE FOOD VENDOR APPARATUS: A cart, food truck, wagon, mobile stand, motor vehicle or other vehicle, or other appurtenances used to conduct mobile food vendor operations.
MOBILE FOOD VENDOR OPERATIONS: The retail business operation of a mobile food vendor apparatus that stores, prepares, or packages food for sale for human consumption or serves or otherwise provides food for sale for human consumption to consumers directly or indirectly within the City, other than delivery from regularly established permanent business locations. (Ord. 17-47)