13.1.108: POWER TO LEVY TAX:
Subject to the terms and conditions of the Memorial Health System Affiliation during its duration, the City shall continue the operation and maintenance of MHS Enterprise, now owned by the City, and the City Council shall have the power annually, commencing with the annual tax and appropriation ordinance for the year 1950, to levy a separate tax and appropriate its proceeds solely for the use of MHS Enterprise as necessary. The tax shall be sufficient to pay the estimated deficit in all expenses incurred in conducting, maintaining and improving MHS Enterprise in the next ensuing fiscal year, including payment of bonds and related interest, repairs, upkeep, betterments, equipment, supplies, depreciation, insurance, employees' salaries and all other expenses incident to the operation and maintenance of MHS Enterprise. In the interest of clarity, "MHS Enterprise" does not refer to any current or future operator of leased facilities under the Memorial Health System Affiliation. (Ord. 15-67)