A.   Created: There is hereby created an MHS Enterprise Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall be subject to and comply with the provisions of City Charter subsection 3-60(d) and section 9-10, all applicable provisions of this Code, and the rules and procedures of Council.
   B.   Board Members:
      1.   The regular members of the Board of Trustees of MHS Enterprise shall be appointed by the City Council for terms of three (3) years. Pursuant to the authority granted to the City Council in ordinance 3131, adopted by vote of the electors of the City, the Board of Trustees shall consist of nine (9) members, who may be any individuals deemed qualified by the City Council.
      2.   In its discretion, City Council may remove any Board member at any time.
   C.   Standing Or Special Committees: The Board of Trustees shall, in accord with its rules of procedure, appoint standing or special committees as needed to carry out its duties.
   D.   Rules Of Procedure: The Board of Trustees shall adopt and amend rules of procedure for the conduct of its meetings and other business. (Ord. 15-67)