A.   The Referee may excuse parking citations issued to public safety vehicles.
   B.   The Referee is authorized to reduce fines or dismiss parking citations if the Referee finds that the named defendant:
      1.   Parked the vehicle described in the citation at a broken or defective meter;
      2.   Was issued a defective or illegible citation; or
      3.   Has a clearly meritorious defense to the citation.
   C.   The Referee may assess a penalty less than the payable fine prescribed in the schedule of fines published by the Presiding Judge in any case where, in the exercise of the Referee's discretion based upon the evidence obtained during the course of the hearing, that action would be in the best interests of justice. (Ord. 95-180; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 04-70; Ord. 07-209)