A.   The Presiding Judge of the Municipal Court is authorized and empowered to appoint one or more Referees to hear certain Municipal ordinance violations relating to parking or any other alleged violations of Municipal ordinances as the Presiding Judge may from time to time designate as being hearable in the first instance by the Referee. Alleged violations may include any offense which may now or in the future be included in the schedule of payable fines established by the Presiding Judge pursuant to law. The Referee is not authorized to determine guilt for any offense, conviction of which might result in the assessment of points by the Colorado Department of Revenue against the violator's driving license or privilege. In those cases, the Referee may only be granted limited discretion to dismiss pursuant to specific offenses enumerated in subsection 11.5.103E3 of this article.
   B.   Municipal Court Referees may also, with the consent of the Presiding Judge, hear and determine appeals of notices and orders issued in accord with the provisions of chapters 6 and 9 of this Code. (1968 Code §1-59; Ord. 77-171; Ord. 80-11; Ord. 95-180; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 04-70)