A.   As used in this section, "transit bus" means a bus operated by the City of Colorado Springs doing business as Mountain Metropolitan Transit.
   B.   Drivers of vehicles in the same lane of traffic and behind a transit bus shall yield the right of way to the bus if:
      1.   The driver of the transit bus, after stopping to allow passengers to board or exit, is signaling an intention to enter a traffic lane; and
      2.   A yield sign as described in subsection C of this section is displayed and illuminated on the back of the transit bus.
   C.   The yield sign referred to in subsection B2 of this section shall:
      1.   Warn a driver of a vehicle behind the transit bus that the driver is required to yield when the bus is entering a traffic lane; and
      2.   Be illuminated when the driver of the transit bus is attempting to enter a traffic lane.
   D.   This section does not relieve a driver of a transit bus from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the roadway. (Ord. 16-2)