In the event that the owner or agent of the owner shall fail within thirty (30) days after billing to pay the cost and expenses for the restoration, a lien may be assessed against the property for such cost in accord with this Code.
If the application of any provision of this part to any lot, building or other structure or a tract of land is declared to be invalid by a decision of any court of competent jurisdiction, it is hereby declared to be the legislative intent that the effect of such decision shall be limited to that lot, building or other structure or tract of land immediately involved in the controversy, action or proceeding in which the judgment or decree of invalidity was rendered, and such decision shall not affect, impair or nullify this section as a whole or the application of any provision thereof to any other lot, building or other structure or tract of land.
See the Building Code for historic buildings that the Regional Building Official may authorize repairs, alterations or additions necessary for preservation that are not in conformance with requirements of technical codes.
See section RBC112 (dangerous buildings) of the Building Code, which provides for a just, equitable and practical method for dealing with dangerous buildings. (Ord. 88-228; Ord. 91-30; Ord. 94-107; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 05-135)