A.   Creation: There shall be and hereby is created a Historic Preservation Board, hereafter called the "Board".
   B.   Purpose: The Board shall among the other responsibilities provided for in this section:
      1.   Survey, inventory and identify historically and architecturally significant structures and areas within the City;
      2.   Recommend to Council designation of historic structures and areas for historic preservation zoning;
      3.   Review and take action on applications for rehabilitation, alteration or demolition of historic buildings, or construction of new buildings and other structures including signs in historic preservation zones;
      4.   Make recommendations regarding zoning amendments and comment on the Comprehensive Plan;
      5.   Undertake educational programs and activities;
      6.   Make recommendations regarding City Code provisions pertaining to historic preservation;
      7.   Develop and possibly adopt design guidelines to identify characteristics of resources worthy of preservation and identify policies which will assist in the preservation and enhancement of those resources;
      8.   Prepare a historic preservation plan;
      9.   Make recommendations to the Planning Commission on relief to preserve historic resources as set out in section 7.3.505 of this chapter.
      10.   Develop and recommend for Council adoption design standards to establish criteria for use by the Board in the consideration of an application for a report of acceptability for properties with HP historic preservation overlay zoning.
   C.   Composition: The Board shall consist of seven (7) members. Initial appointments shall be staggered so that no more than three (3) members' terms expire in the same year. Thereafter, appointments shall be for three (3) year terms, with no more than one reappointment, after which there must be a one year absence before another appointment.
   D.   Appointments:
      1.   All appointments shall be made by the City Council. In making appointments to the Board, the City Council shall give due consideration to maintaining a balance of interests and skills in the composition of the Board and to the individual qualifications of the candidates, including, but not limited to, their training, experience, knowledge or proven interest in any one or more of the following fields: landscape architecture; architecture; history; archaeology; general contracting; building trades; urban planning; mortgage lending; real estate; urban design; fine arts; law; business; economics; and engineering.
      2.   The City Council may advertise for candidates for the Board for the purpose of making appointments and filling vacancies which occur from time to time.
   E.   Officers And Rules: The Board shall elect a chairman and such other officers as it may require. The Board shall make and adopt rules for governing its work, and it shall conduct its business in accord with its own rules, and if none are adopted then the rules of Council shall constitute the Board's rules.
   F.   Meetings: The Board shall conduct business at regular meetings or at any special meeting as called by the chairman. The schedule for regular meetings shall be established at the annual meeting held every June. The bylaws shall specify the time for said annual meeting.
   G.   Quorum; Action: No official business of the Board shall be conducted unless a quorum of not less than four (4) members is present. The concurring vote of at least a simple majority of the quorum is necessary to constitute an official act of the Board.
   H.   Compensation: Members of the Board shall serve without compensation. To the extent authorized by the City Council, members may be reimbursed for expenses necessarily incurred incidental to their duties for the Board.
   I.   Rules And Regulations: The Board shall have the power to make whatever rules, including, but not limited to, design standards, as are necessary for the execution of its duties as set forth in this Zoning Code. All such rules shall be approved by the City Council by resolution before becoming effective.
   J.   Staff: The staff of the Community Development Department shall provide support to the Board as necessary.
   K.   Conflict Of Interest: No member of the Board or staff shall participate in any matter before the Board in which the member has a direct or indirect financial interest. (Ord. 90-9; Ord. 91-30; Ord. 92-79; Ord. 94-107; Ord. 95-121; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 09-80)