(A)   The elected officers of the town shall be 7 Council members, 1 of whom shall be designated as Mayor in accordance with § 30.020 below. The Mayor and Council members shall constitute the Council and shall continue in office until assumption of duties of office by their duly elected successors.
   (B)   Members of the Council shall be divided by lot into 2 classes. The first class shall consist of 3 Council members and the second class of 4 Council members. Those of the first class shall hold office until the next regular election in 1988, and those of the second class shall hold office until the regular election of 1990.
   (C)   At the regular election of 1988, 3 Council members shall be selected, and at the regular election of 1990, 4 Council members shall be elected. Thereafter, Council members shall be elected in classes of 3 and 4 at successive, regular elections.
   (D)   The regular term of office for Council members shall be 4 years each and until their successors are elected and qualified.
(A.R.S. §§ 9-231 and 9-301)  (1986 Code, § 2-1-1)