§ 92.06  KENNELS.
   (A)   Definition of kennel.  The keeping of three or more dogs on the same premises, whether owned by the same person or not and for whatever purpose kept, shall constitute a kennel; except that a fresh litter of pups may be kept for a period of three months before that keeping shall be deemed to be a kennel.
   (B)   Kennel license. No person, firm, or corporation shall maintain in this city a private or commercial kennel without securing a license therefor from the City Council, and the fees for the kennel license shall be determined each year by the City Council.
   (C)   Renewal of kennel license.
      (1)   Kennel licenses shall expire on the twenty-eighth day of April following their issuance. Upon application for renewal of a kennel license, an authorized agent of the city shall inspect the kennel of the applicant and shall submit to the City Clerk/Treasurer either an affirmative certification that the kennel is maintained in a neat, orderly, and safe condition or a negative certification that the kennel is not so maintained.. The City Clerk/Treasurer may issue a renewal kennel license provided that:
         (a)   The aforementioned certificate is affirmative; and
         (b)   No complaints have been received by the city.
      (2)   In all other cases, the kennel license shall be renewed only upon City Council approval.
Penalty, see § 92.99