(A)   User to respond.  If, in the judgment of public safety personnel at the scene of an alarm, it is determined that the alarm user should appear at the location of any alarm for the purpose of admitting public safety personnel to the subject premises to investigate any alarm system signal, or for the purposes of deactivating any alarm system signal, or for the purpose of identifying third parties found on the subject premises during the investigation of any alarm system signal, the alarm user shall appear immediately if so requested by the Sheriff.
   (B)   Remedial action by user.  If an alarm user has had more than three false alarms in a 12-month period, the alarm user, upon the written request of the Sheriff, shall be required to submit in written form a description of any steps being taken to remedy any problems with false alarms emanating from the alarm user’s location.
   (C)   Administrative rules/regulations.  The Sheriff shall promulgate the rules/regulations as necessary for the implementation and/or administration of this chapter.
(Ord. 101, passed 10-4-1982)