(A)   It is unlawful for any person to enter, operate or stop a snowmobile within the limits of the city:
      (1)   On the roadway of any street, except the most right hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to right hand curb or edge of the roadway, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle stopped in the lane or proceeding in the same direction, or in making a left turn.  Snowmobiles may also be operated upon the outside slope of trunk, county-state aid and county highways where the highways are so configured within the corporate limits.
      (2)   On a public sidewalk or trail provided for pedestrian travel.
      (3)   On boulevards within any public right-of-way.
      (4)   On private property of another without specific permission of the owner or person in control of the property.
      (5)   Upon any school grounds, except as permission is expressly obtained from responsible school authorities.
      (6)   On public property, playgrounds and recreation areas, except areas previously listed or authorized for the use by resolution of the City Council, in which case the use shall be lawful, and snowmobiles may be driven in and out of those areas by the shortest route.
      (7)   On streets as permitted by this chapter at a speed exceeding ten miles per hour.
      (8)   During the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 12:01 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on other days closer than 100 feet from any residence.  This provision is not intended to prohibit snowmobiles from operating on city streets during the hours specified herein.
   (B)   It is unlawful for any person to operate a snowmobile within the limits of the city:
      (1)   So as to tow any person or thing in a public street or highway except through use of a rigid tow bar attached to the rear of the snowmobile; provided, that a disabled snowmobile may be towed to a private residence or a place of business where snowmobiles are repaired without the use of a rigid tow bar.
      (2)   Within 100 feet of any fisherman, pedestrian, skating rink or sliding area where the operation would conflict with use or endanger other persons or operation.
      (3)   To intentionally drive, chase, run over or kill any animal.
Penalty, see § 10.99