Every regularly licensed automobile dealer, whether an individual, partnership, corporation or other organization whose place of business is within the Town, shall be required to pay annually the stated fee for registering one such automobile hereunder, and upon payment of such fee shall be issued a license tag which shall be transferable to any automobile which such owner owns and is holding for sale and which shall entitle the said dealer to drive the vehicle upon the streets of the Town for demonstration purposes only. The license tag when so issued may be permanently fixed to any one such automobile and need not be actually, physically transferred to each vehicle which is being driven over the streets of the Town for demonstration purposes. In the event of the sale of the vehicle to which the license tag has been permanently fixed, the tag may be removed and retained if practicable or may be sold with the vehicle, in which event the dealer shall immediately pay the fee and secure another license tag in the manner herein set out.
(`83 Code, § 9-702)