(A)   Every resident of the Town who owns or operates a motor vehicle in the Town shall upon receiving the state license and number for operating a motor vehicle, under the laws of the State of Tennessee or within 30 days after he or she shall begin such operation, actually register his or her vehicle with the Shelby County Clerk as may be designated by resolution of the Board, giving the name of the vehicle, the type of machine, the year of make, the state license number, the residence address of the owner, the residence telephone number of the owner and for such registration he or she shall pay an annual fee as follows:
      (1)   Automobiles:  $35;
      (2)   Motorcycles:  $35.
   (B)   Provided, however, that elderly residents, age 65 or older, meeting tax relief income criteria or who have been approved for tax relief, will be eligible for a rebate of $5. The vehicle for which the rebate is sought must be privately licensed and titled in the name of the elderly resident in question. Be it further provided that only one vehicle per household be eligible for reimbursement.
   (C)   Current employees of the Town are allowed an exemption for one vehicle per household.  An exemption letter will be provided the employee to present to the Shelby County Clerk at the time of registration.
(`83 Code, § 9-701)  (Am. Ord. 2010-07, passed 6-28-10; Am. Ord. 2018-09, passed 6-11-18)