(A)   Amendments to the annual budget.  Except as otherwise restricted by law, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may amend the budget by resolution upon one reading at a regular, adjourned or called meeting of the Board. To increase expenditures over the total of those authorized by the current budget, the Board must amend the budget resolution.
   (B)   Emergency appropriations.  To meet a public emergency affecting life, health, property or the public peace, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may make emergency appropriations by resolution.
   (C)   Reduction of appropriations.  If at any time during the fiscal year it appears probable to the Town Administrator that the revenues available will be insufficient to meet the amount appropriated, the Town Administrator shall report such information to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen without delay, and within a reasonable time after such information becomes known to the Town Administrator. In making such report, the Town Administrator shall indicate the estimated amount of deficit, any remedial action taken by the Town Administrator, and recommendations as to any other steps to be taken. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall then take such further action as it deems necessary to prevent or minimize any deficit, and for that purpose it may, by resolution, reduce one or more appropriations.
(`83 Code, § 6-507) (Am. Ord. 2004-24, passed 12-13-04)