(A)   The budget shall provide a complete financial plan for all Town funds and activities, and shall be in such form as may be required by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
   (B)   The budget shall detail expected revenues and expenditures and shall include such detail on a line-item basis.
   (C)   The Town Administrator shall explain the budget in both narrative and fiscal terms, outline the proposed financial policies for the Town, describe the important features of the budget, indicate any major changes from the current fiscal year with regard to financial policies, expenditures and revenues, together with the reasons for such changes, summarize the Town's debt position, include such other material as the Town Administrator deems desirable or as the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may require, and otherwise be in such form and substance as may be required by general state law.
   (D)   The Town Administrator shall detail proposed revenues and expenditures by fund, organization unit, program, activity or object.
(`83 Code, § 6-503) (Am. Ord. 2004-24, passed 12-13-04)