SECTION 8.01.  DEPARTMENTS, OFFICES, AND AGENCIES. The board may establish town departments, offices or agencies in addition to those created by this charter and may prescribe the functions of all departments, offices and agencies not in conflict with this charter. Departments, offices and agencies created by the board may be abolished or combined.
   SECTION 8.02.  EMPLOYEES WHO HANDLE MONEY SHALL BE BONDED.  The town administrator and every officer, agent, and employee having duties embracing the receipt, disbursement, custody, or handling of money shall, before entering upon his duties, execute a surety bond with a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Tennessee, as surety, in such amount as shall be prescribed by ordinance. All such bonds and sureties shall be subject to the approval of the board, and the board may provide for blanket bonds. The cost of all bonds shall be an expense of the Town.
   SECTION 8.03.  SERVICES FURNISHED AND EQUIPMENT USED OUTSIDE CORPORATE LIMITS.  The Town is empowered, in its governmental capacity, to use its firefighting, emergency medical and other equipment and personnel outside its corporate limits, when and under such circumstances, limitations and conditions as the board may determine.
   The board may provide or agree to such terms, limitations, restrictions and conditions as may seem proper or advisable to it with respect to such outside use of the equipment and personnel; and it may refuse to permit any such outside use. In default of action by the governing body, the mayor shall have authority to act for the governing body in authorizing the use of such equipment or personnel outside of the corporate limits of Collierville, Tennessee, and he may likewise have authority to refuse to permit such outside use.
   Whenever said firefighting, emergency medical and/or other equipment and Town personnel are used or employed outside the corporate limits of the Town, the Town of Collierville and its officials, agents, servants, employees and volunteers authorizing or performing such service, shall be entitled to all the immunities and protection from liability to which they are entitled with respect to similar services within the corporate limits of the Town. It is expressly provided that the performance of the service shall constitute the discharge of a governmental function.
   SECTION 8.04.  APPOINTMENTS. No person may serve as an appointed member of any board of the Town while that person is an appointed member of another board of the Town except as provided by ordinance or state law.
   SECTION 8.05.  SPECIAL CONTRACTUAL APPOINTMENTS.  The board shall be empowered to appoint special consultants, architects and auditors when deemed advisable or necessary.
   SECTION 8.06.  AUTHORITY TO REGULATE OR PROHIBIT SOLICITORS, PEDDLERS, ETC. The board is hereby authorized, by ordinance, to regulate or prevent the practice of being in or upon private residences within the Town by solicitors, peddlers, hawkers, itinerant merchants, and transient vendors of merchandise, not having been requested or invited to do by the owners or occupants of a private residence, for the purpose of soliciting orders for the sale of goods, wares or merchandise, or disposing of, peddling or hawking the same.
   SECTION 8.07.  PERSONNEL RULES AND REGULATIONS. The rules and regulations under which the personnel system of the Town shall be governed shall be prepared by the town administrator and shall become effective when adopted by the board. These rules and regulations may be amended from time to time and shall set forth personnel policies and procedures
   SECTION 8.08.  PROHIBITIONS.  No person shall be appointed to, or removed from, or in any way favored or discriminated against with respect to any Town position or appointive Town administrative office because of race, sex, age, disability, national origin, political or religious opinions or affiliations.