SECTION 7.01.  APPOINTMENT.  The town clerk shall be nominated by the mayor and confirmed by the board. He shall serve at such salary and with such other benefits incidental to his position as are provided by the board, and shall serve at the will of the board. The town clerk shall be subject to day to day supervision by the town administrator.
   SECTION 7.02.  SHALL KEEP MINUTES.  It shall be the duty of the town clerk to be present at all meetings of the board and to prepare and maintain a full and accurate record of all business transacted by the same. In his absence from a meeting the officer presiding at the meeting shall appoint a person to fulfill the duties of town clerk.
   SECTION 7.03.  SHALL BE CUSTODIAN OF PUBLIC RECORDS, BONDS, ETC.  the town clerk shall have custody of and preserve in his office the town seal, the public records, ordinance books, minutes of the board, contracts, bonds, titles, deeds, certificates and papers, all official indemnity or security bonds, and all other bonds, oaths, and affirmations, and all other records, papers and documents not required by this charter or by ordinance to be deposited elsewhere, and register them by numbers, dates, and contents, and keep an accurate and current index thereof.
   SECTION 7.04.  SHALL PROVIDE AND CERTIFY COPIES OF RECORDS, PAPERS, ETC. The town clerk shall provide and, when required, certify copies of records, papers and documents in his office and charge therefor, for the use of the Town, such fees as may be provided by ordinance or resolution; and cause copies of ordinances to be published as may be directed by the board and kept in his office for distribution.
   SECTION 7.05.  SHALL PERFORM ANY OTHER DUTIES IMPOSED.  The town clerk shall also perform any other duties imposed upon him by this charter, by ordinance, by the town administrator or by the board.