SECTION 3.01.  DATE OF GENERAL TOWN ELECTION. The general Town election shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November of each even-numbered year. (As amended by Priv. Acts 2001, ch. 43)
   SECTION 3.02  GENERAL ELECTION LAWS APPLY.  All elections shall be conducted in accordance with the general election laws and this charter.
   SECTION 3.03.  VOTER QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS.  All persons who are qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee and who have been actual bona fide residents and citizens of the Town for thirty (30) days next preceding the election shall be entitled to vote in all municipal elections.
   SECTION 3.04.  CERTAIN POLITICAL ACTIVITY PROHIBITED.  No employee of the Town shall continue in the employment of the Town and hold office as mayor or alderman. Any employee who seeks elected office in the Town shall resign his position effective as of the date of the filing of his nominating petition. For purposes of this section only, a person holding the office of mayor or alderman shall not be considered an employee of the Town. (As amended by Priv. Acts 2001, ch. 43)