A.   Zoning Districts Named: The City of Coeur d'Alene is divided into the following named zoning districts as shown on the official zoning maps:
      1.   Residential District, R-1.
      2.   Residential District, R-3.
      3.   Residential District, R-5.
      4.   Residential District, R-8.
      5.   Residential District, R-12.
      6.   Residential District, R-17.
      7.   Residential District, R-34.
      8.   Mobile Home District, MH-8.
      9.   Commercial District, C-17.
      10.   Commercial Limited District, C-17L.
      11.   Downtown Core District, DC.
      12.   Manufacturing, Light, District, LM.
      13.   Manufacturing District, M.
      14.   Navigable Water District, NW.
      15.   Neighborhood Commercial District, NC.
      16.   Community Commercial District, CC.
   B.   Official Zoning Maps: The Planning Director shall be responsible for the official zoning map of the City of Coeur d'Alene showing the location and boundaries of each of the zoning districts provided by this title. The Planning Director will ensure the official zoning map is current and accurate. The Planning Director shall make an electronic copy available on the City's website. One paper map shall be kept in the Planning Department. The one official zoning map and all information shown thereon are hereby declared to be an official record of the City and a part of this title. The zoning map will correspond to this title and clearly indicate the zones. Paper copies will be made available on request.
   C.   Amendments: As amendments are made to this title with respect to the zoning districts, the Planning Director shall ensure the necessary amendments and alterations on the maps and henceforth any ordinance changing such zoning districts shall not set forth the boundaries of such districts as amended, but in lieu thereof, the official zoning maps shall be certified as true and correct by the Planning Director. (Ord. 3600, 2018: Ord. 3288, 2007: Ord. 3268 §6, 2006: Ord. 3127 §8, 2003: Ord. 3025 §11, 2001: Ord. 2502 §1, 1993: Ord. 2049 §1, 1987: Ord. 1691 §1(part), 1982)