A.   Property To Which Applicable: The zoning ordinance shall apply, to the extent permissible under other laws, to all property within the City of Coeur d'Alene.
   B.   Private Agreements: The zoning ordinance is not intended to abrogate, annul or impair any easement, covenant, or other agreement between parties, except that where the zoning ordinance imposes a greater restriction or higher standard than that required by such agreement, the zoning ordinance shall control.
   C.   Conflicting Provisions: Wherever the requirements of this section are in conflict with the requirements of this or any other lawfully adopted ordinances, rules, or regulations, the most restrictive or that imposing the higher standards shall govern with the one exception that this provision shall not be construed as to prohibit the use of planned unit developments.
   D.   Public Rights-Of-Way: Unless the context indicates otherwise, the provisions of this title do not apply to the use of, or improvements or projects occurring solely within, public rights-of-way. (Ord. 3379 §3, 2010)