16.10.030: APPROVAL:
   A.   Once the application has been accepted and comments forwarded to the applicant, a record of survey must be submitted for review and approval by the city engineer. The record of survey must contain a certificate of approval for the city engineer. The city engineer will approve the boundary line adjustment only after determining that all of the following conditions have been met:
      1.   Only one common lot line between two (2) lots or parcels is being adjusted.
      2.   Both lots were legally created.
      3.   No additional lots have been created.
      4.   No more than two (2) deflection points are being set on the adjusted line.
      5.   The accompanying warranty deed accurately describes the property to be transferred by a metes and bounds description recorded with the Kootenai County recorder and referenced by instrument number on the record of survey.
      6.   All resulting lots adhere to the site performance standards set forth in titles 15 and 17 of this code.
      7.   No existing easements or access have been impaired or the need for new easements or access to the subject lots or adjacent lots has been created.
      8.   The adjusted lots are served by sanitary sewer and water services. Lots shall not be adjusted so that they do not, or cannot, have sewer and water services that conform to applicable city policies and standards.
      9.   The record of survey has been prepared by an Idaho licensed surveyor in conformance with the requirements of Idaho state statutes and this chapter.
10. All new property corners have been monumented as generally required by this title and Idaho code.
Upon determining that all of the above requirements have been met, the city engineer will affix his certificate of approval to the record of survey. (Ord. 3485, 2014)