16.05.030: DEFINITIONS:
Words in this title used in the present tense include the future; the plural includes the singular; the words "must", "shall" and "will" indicate a mandatory requirement while the word "may" indicates that discretion may be used; and the words "used" or "occupied" shall be considered to be followed by the words "or intended, arranged, or designed to be used or occupied".
Unless the context indicates otherwise, the following terms, used in this title, have the following meanings:
ADJACENT: Near, close or abutting.
BLOCK: A parcel of land bounded on all sides by street rights of way, railroad rights of way, waterways, parks, unsubdivided acreage, or a combination thereof.
CITY ENGINEER: The person who is appointed by the city to perform the function of the city engineer or his or her designated representative.
COMMISSION: The Coeur d'Alene city planning and zoning commission.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: The plan adopted by the Coeur d'Alene city council as the comprehensive plan for the city.
CONDOMINIUM: Has the same meaning as that provided by Idaho Code section 55-101B and generally means an estate consisting of individual ownership of units together with common ownership of the underlying land and other common areas.
CUL-DE-SAC: A street opening at one end and having a turnaround at the other end.
DEDICATION: The deliberate appropriation of land by its owner for any private or public use, reserving no other right than such as are compatible with the full exercise and enjoyment of the uses to which the property has been appropriated. Public dedications shall take effect only upon recordation of the approved plat and acceptance by the city council.
DEVELOPER OR SUBDIVIDER: Any person or legal entity undertaking the subdivision of a lot, block or other parcel of land.
DRIVEWAY OR PRIVATE DRIVEWAY: A vehicular access to a lot or lots, located on privately owned property such as a lot or tract.
EASEMENT: A grant by a property owner to a separate entity of the right to use that property for a specific use. Easements created on a plat take effect only upon recordation of the approved plat.
  Private Infrastructure: The infrastructure needed to provide telephone, electrical, gas, cable and other services not provided by the city.
  Public Infrastructure: The infrastructure needed to provide access and services provided and/or maintained by the city including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, pedestrian/bicycle trails, and water and wastewater lines.
LOT: A portion of a plat or subdivision to be transferred or developed as a single unit.
  Double Frontage Lot: A lot with street frontage along two (2) opposite boundaries. Where one of the frontages is an arterial or collector street, that frontage will be considered the rear of the lot.
  Reverse Frontage Lot: A double frontage lot with a recorded tract along the rear of the lot as provided in section 16.15.180 of this title.
LOT GRADING: Any change to the topography of a lot existing at the time of subdivision.
PLANNING DIRECTOR: The person employed by the city to perform the function of the planning director or his or her designee.
PLAT: The drawing, map or plan of a subdivision, cemetery or other tract of land including certifications, descriptions and approvals.
  Condominium Plat: A division of units in a structure or structures for condominium ownership purposes without a subdivision of the land upon which the structure or structures sit.
  Final Plat: The plan of a plat, subdivision or dedication, or any portion thereof, prepared for recordation by the county recorder and containing all the elements and requirements for a final plat contained in this title.
  Formal Plat: A division of land which produces more than four (4) lots, or which contains a dedication for a new public right of way, or which produces a lot that does not meet the minimum frontage requirements of title 17 of this code.
  Preliminary Plat: A drawing of the proposed layout of streets, blocks, lots and other elements of a subdivision which will furnish the basis for the city's review of the subdivision as provided in this title.
  Short Plat: A division of land which produces four (4) or fewer lots, and which contains no dedication of a new public right of way (other than right of way for widening an existing right of way).
RIGHT OF WAY: A portion of property dedicated for public use and accepted for such by the city council, to provide circulation and travel to abutting properties, and including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, provision for public and private utilities.
STREET OR ROADWAY: That portion of a right of way improved, maintained and intended for use by vehicles to provide traffic circulation, primary access to abutting properties, and parking. This definition includes all of the area typically located between curbs.
  Arterial Or Collector Street: A street primarily for through traffic, minimizing intersecting streets and direct access to abutting properties and primarily for the purpose of accommodating general traffic circulation of the community. Arterial and collector streets are identified by having either a "federal aid" designation or by being designated as such by the city council in the approved transportation plan.
  Local Street: A street usually of limited continuity, which serves primarily to provide the principal means of access to abutting property only.
  Primary Frontage Street: A street with parking on both sides of the street where primary access or driveways for the adjacent lots is located and where vehicles would park to access the homes or primary structures.
  Rural Minor Access Street: A street intended for use in hillside zones or low density development where driveway access is infrequent and parking is prohibited.
  Secondary Frontage Street: A street where access to the adjacent lots is not typically located, such as side streets or streets that are located at the back or side of the lot. Secondary frontage streets may have parking restricted in accordance with the requirements of this section.
SUBDIVISION: An area of land which has been divided into lot(s), or tracts, parcels or divisions of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or building development. This definition includes divisions made for condominium purpose.
  Hillside Subdivision: Has the same meaning as that given in subsection 12.28.210C5 of this code.
TOWNHOUSE: Two (2) or more single-family residences connected by a common wall, with each unit situated on its own individual lot and there is sole ownership of the lot and the structure.
TRACT: A nonbuildable lot reserved for open space, private driveways, landscaping, common ownership, or other related uses.
ZONING RESTRICTIONS: The restrictions contained in the zoning ordinances of the city codified as title 17 of this code. (Ord. 3485, 2014)