1.04.030: DEFINITIONS:
   A.   When any time is specified in the ordinances codified in this Code, it means standard time, as distinguished from solar time, and the words "midnight" or "noon" shall be taken to be midnight or noon standard time.
   B.   The singular number includes the plural.
   C.   Words used in the present include the future.
   D.   Words used in the masculine gender comprehend, as well, the feminine and neuter.
   E.   Words prohibiting anything being done, except in accordance with a license or permit or authority from a board or officer, shall be construed as giving such board or officer power to license or permit or authorize such thing to be done.
DAY/MONTH/YEAR: Any twenty four (24) hour period from midnight to midnight; and the word "month" shall mean a calendar month unless otherwise expressed and the word "year" or the abbreviation "A.D." is equivalent to the expression "Year of Our Lord".
KNOWINGLY: Imports a knowledge that the facts exist which bring the act or omission within the provisions of the ordinances codified in this Code. It does not require any knowledge of the unlawfulness of such act or omission.
LAND, REAL ESTATE and REAL PROPERTY: Include land, tenements, hereditaments, water rights, possessor rights and claims.
NEGLECT, NEGLIGENCE, NEGLIGENT and NEGLIGENTLY: Import a want of such attention to the nature or probable consequence of the act or omission as a prudent man ordinarily bestows in acting on his own concern.
NOTICE: "Notice", under the provisions of this Code, unless otherwise stated, shall commence on the day after service thereof on the person is completed and ends the required number of days thereafter unless the day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, in which event such notice shall end on the next business day; except when special needs or other requirements exist.
OATH: Includes "affirmation" and "swear" includes the word "affirm". Every mode of oral statement under oath or affirmation is embraced in the term "testify" and every written one in the term "depose."
OFFICER: Includes officers and boards in charge of departments and the members of such boards; such reference as the use of the word "City" shall mean this Municipality; "Clerk" and "Treasurer" and others mean the City Clerk or City Treasurer, as the case may be applicable.
OWNER: Applied to a building or land includes any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, joint tenant or lessee of the whole of or a part of such building or land.
PERSON: Includes bodies politic and corporate, partnerships, associations and corporations.
PERSONAL PROPERTY: Includes every description of money, goods, chattels, effects, evidence of rights in action, and all written instruments by which any pecuniary obligation, right or title to property is created, acknowledged, transferred, increased, defeated, discharged or diminished, and every right or interest therein.
PROPERTY: Includes both real and personal property.
SIGNATURE: Includes the name, mark or sign written with the intent to authenticate any instrument of writing.
STREETS: Includes alleys, lanes, courts, boulevards, public ways, public squares, public places and sidewalks.
TENANT or OCCUPANT: Applied to a building or land includes any person who occupies the whole or any part of such building or land whether alone or with others.
WILFULLY: When applied to the intent with which an act is done or omitted, implies simply a purpose or willingness to commit the act or make the omission referred to. It does not require any intent to violate law, or to injure another, or to acquire an advantage.
WRITING: Includes printing, writing and typewriting. (Ord. 1446 §1(part),1976: prior code 1-1-3(e))