13.35.030: DEFINITIONS:
For purposes of this chapter the following terms and acronyms shall have the meaning herein set forth unless the text of the use of the term clearly requires otherwise:
ADMINISTRATOR OR DRAINAGE UTILITY ADMINISTRATOR: The person serving under the direction of the deputy city administrator who is charged with supervising and overseeing the drainage system utility and its regulatory functions.
DRAINAGE SYSTEM OR SYSTEM: Has the same meaning as that given at section 13.30.020 of this title.
IMPERVIOUS SURFACE: Has the same meaning as that given at subsection 17.02.070A of this code.
PERMIT: The current national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES) permit issued to the city by the environmental protection agency in compliance with the provisions of the clean water act, 33 USC section 1251 et seq., as amended by the water quality act of 1987, PL 100-4, for stormwater discharges from small municipal separate storm sewer systems also known and referred to as an MS4 permit.
UTILITY: The drainage system utility created by this chapter. (Ord. 3455, 2012)