13.35.020: PURPOSE:
The purposes of this chapter are:
   A.   To equitably allocate the operation and maintenance expenses of the drainage system to those served by the system in relation to the service received from the system, including meeting all mandated retention and treatment standards for stormwater.
   B.   To provide for the establishment of system service fees and charges and provide that the fees and charges collected are set aside and designated solely for use for the maintenance, operations, improvements, regulatory requirements, and program costs of the system.
   C.   To provide that all services mandated or authorized by this chapter be furnished at the lowest possible cost.
   D.   To establish and enforce regulations and implement programs necessary and/or convenient to comply with the requirements of the city's NPDES discharge permit as well as the rules governing collection, treatment, detention and disposal of stormwater over the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.
   E.   To establish a drainage system utility to operate and maintain the city's drainage system and to regulate stormwater and drainage issues within the city. (Ord. 3455, 2012)