12.16.010: Permit; Requirements
12.16.020: Permit; Application; Fee
12.16.030: Permit; Form; Time Limit for Commencement and Completion of Work
12.16.040: Permit; Revocation
12.16.050: General Requirements in Performance of Work
12.16.060: Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces
12.16.070: Continuance of Work
12.16.080: Barricades and Warning Signs
12.16.090: Compliance With Safety Orders and Laws Required
12.16.100: Completion of Work by Municipality
12.16.110: Backfill
12.16.120: Restoration of Improvements; Payment, Drains, Structures
12.16.130: Restoration of Improvements; Edges and Loose Material
12.16.140: Restoration of Improvements; Temporary Surfacing
12.16.150: Use of Area by Municipality
12.16.160: Inspection; Inspection Fee
12.16.170: Notice of Completion
12.16.180: Damage to Street; Permittee Inspection
12.16.190: Damage to Street; Repair by Permittee
12.16.200: Permittee's Responsibility for Claims and Liabilities
12.16.210: Supervision of Excavations and Refills
12.16.220: Utilities Under the Street; Maps of Locations; Contents; Filing
12.16.230: Utilities Under the Street; Owner to Bear Cost of Protecting Utilities During Street Work
12.16.240: Removal of Surplus Material
12.16.250: Exceptions from Provisions
12.16.260: Emergency Work
12.16.270: Permits Subject to Rights of Others



1. Statutory provisions authorizing cities to regulate street encroachments, see I.C. §50-314.