15.40.040: ENFORCEMENT:
   A.   If qualifying ground disturbing activities are conducted without a required permit, the City Engineer or designee may:
      1.   Issue a stop work order;
      2.   Issue a civil citation, in an amount set by Resolution of the City Council;
      3.   If an applicant or owner has been issued a previous citation for violation of this Chapter, issue a misdemeanor citation;
      4.   Seek injunctive relief;
      5.   Pursue a legal action for damages; or
      6.   Pursue any or all other legal remedies.
   B.   If an applicant or owner violates a stop work order issued for a violation of this Chapter, he/she shall be issued a misdemeanor citation.
   C.   Every day work is conducted without a permit shall constitute a separate violation. (Ord. 3660 § 1, 2020)