The following regulations govern the use of all property owned by the City on which private vehicles are allowed to park, including garages, permanent surface lots, semipermanent and temporary surface lots, or other areas that are used for vehicle parking, but excluding on-street parking, hereinafter referred to as "parking facilities".
   A.   General Parking Regulations:
      1.   Vehicles can only be parked within the stalls designated by painted lines and as nearly in the center of the designated stalls as possible.
      2.   Vehicles cannot be parked or left unattended in any drive aisle in a parking facility.
      3.   Trailers cannot be left in any parking facility unless attached to a parked motor vehicle in a stall marked or otherwise designated for oversize or multi-unit vehicles.
      4.   Passenger cars, as defined by State law, may not park in stalls marked or otherwise designated for oversize or multi-unit vehicles from May 1 through September 30 each year.
      5.   A recreational vehicle, trailer, oversize vehicle, or multi- unit vehicle, including a vehicle with attached trailer, may be parked only in a stall marked by a sign or striped for such vehicles and must fit entirely within the marked stall.
      6.   A parking permit or, as provided in this Code, a monthly permit is required for the use of all parking facilities except the City Hall parking facility and the library parking facility. Fees may be altered or waived by the Parking Commission for special events as set out in this chapter. No parking fee is required for a City vehicle operating in the course of official business in any parking facility.
      7.   The permit shall be displayed on the dashboard or on the rearview mirror in plain sight at all times the vehicle is parked in a parking facility requiring a permit.
      8.   No vehicle may be parked for longer than two (2) hours in any stall served by an electric vehicle charging station.
   B.   Specific Regulations For Certain Parking Facilities:
      1.   No vehicle may be parked, or allowed to remain parked, in the City Hall parking facility or the Independence Point parking facility continuously for more than forty eight (48) hours.
      2.   A parking permit is not required for the Coeur d'Alene parking garage on holidays, weekends, or after six o'clock (6:00) P.M. on weekdays.
      3.   Parking in the Memorial Field parking facility and the Museum parking facility is prohibited between the hours of eleven o'clock (11:00) P.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M., unless the City Clerk approves longer hours for a special event.
   C.   Other Regulations For Parking Facilities:
      1.   Vehicles may only be driven in a parking facility on the designated driving aisles and only in the direction indicated by signs or traffic control devices.
      2.   Vehicles may not be driven in a parking facility faster than five (5) miles per hour.
      3.   Vehicles may only be driven into or out of a parking facility at the designated entrances and exits.
      4.   No portion of any parking facility may be used in any manner that endangers the person or property of another, or disrupts the normal operations of the parking facility, including, but not limited to, conduct involving the use of abusive or threatening language or gestures, unreasonable or excessive noise or emissions, or unreasonable or excessively loud or boisterous physical behavior. No person shall place any object, such as a bicycle, backpack, cart, or other item in a manner that interferes with free passage within the facility.
      5.   No person may distribute, throw or affix to vehicles any literature, handbills or fliers in any City parking facility.
      6.   Other than City-authorized events, no person shall participate in gatherings within the parking facility.
      7.   All persons within a City parking facility shall obey all posted regulations and the direction of an authorized parking official.
      8.   No person shall operate or ride any skateboard, roller skates, rollerblades, in-line skates, coaster, sled, wagon, scooter, or similar device in any parking facility. This prohibition shall not apply to the use of wheeled equipment necessary for ambulation by a disabled person.
      9.   No person shall enter or remain within a parking facility for any purpose other than to park or retrieve a vehicle, or to access other public property.
      10.   Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other lighted or heated devices intended for inhalation is prohibited in any enclosed area of any parking facility.
      11.   Concessions in parking facilities shall be governed by subsection 5.75.050B of this Code.
   D.   Exceptions:
      1.   The City Clerk, upon recommendation by the City Administrator or Parks Director, or their designees, may permit activities in public parking facilities which, in association with a permitted event, creates, or has the potential to create, noises, or noxious or odorous emissions that may otherwise violate this section, subject to such reasonable conditions as the City Administrator or Parks Director, or their designees, may deem necessary and appropriate. Participants in an event permitted hereunder shall not be in violation of this section so long as they are in compliance with the conditions of the permit.
      2.   The City Administrator may waive the parking fee, in whole or in part, for community events or park events open to the general public in any of the parking facilities.
      3.   The City Administrator may exempt persons attending special events from complying with any or all of the regulations of this chapter pertaining to one or more of the parking facilities.
      4.   When the City Administrator waives a parking fee for a community or park event, or exempts a person attending special events from complying with regulations of this chapter, City Council will be notified promptly.
   E.   Monthly Parking Permits:
      1.   It is the intent of the City Council that parking facilities should accommodate monthly parking permits for the purpose of alleviating parking congestion on the public streets. For this reason, the Parking Commission, in consultation with the City Administrator, is hereby directed to create policies and procedures governing monthly parking permits for parking facilities consistent with the following guidelines.
         a.   The parking facilities for which monthly parking permits will be issued should be specifically identified. The decision of whether to issue monthly parking permits for a particular parking facility shall be based on the number of available stalls in that facility, the proximity to areas which would benefit from such permits, the availability of technology to support such permits, and similar factors.
         b.   The months for which monthly parking permits will be issued for each parking facility shall be designated by the City Administrator, taking into consideration seasonal parking requirements.
         c.   The number of monthly parking permits which will be issued for each parking facility, which may vary on a seasonal basis, shall not exceed forty percent (40%) of the stalls in any parking facility unless authorized by the City Administrator.
         d.   Monthly parking permits must be paid in advance by the fifteenth day of the month for parking in the succeeding month unless otherwise provided by this Code or City policy.
      2.   The policies and procedures for monthly parking permits may be changed from time to time with the approval of the Parking Commission.
      3.   A member of the public may appeal any policy or procedure to the City Council. (Ord. 3632, 2019)