A.   A Jewett House advisory committee is hereby established. The committee is an advisory group who will consist of seven (7) members with the following makeup:
      1.   Two (2) representatives of the Potlatch Corporation, its successors or assigns, as required by amended agreement of trust adopted by city council resolution 79-74; and
      2.   Five (5) residents of the city who will be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council and may be removed in the same manner.
   B.   Committee members appointed by the city will serve for a term of three (3) years or until his successor is appointed and qualified. Vacancies on the committee occurring before the expiration of the term, will be filled by the mayor for the remainder of the term.
   C.   Committee members appointed by the city will be selected without respect to political affiliation and in accordance with the Jewett House amended agreement of trust. Members will serve without compensation. (Ord. 3382 §17, 2010)