A.   At their first meeting of each fiscal year, the members of the commission will elect one of their members to serve as chairperson and elect other officers as may be necessary.
   B.   A quorum of four (4) members is necessary for the commission to conduct any business or reach any decisions. The high school member shall not be counted for quorum purposes. All decisions must be approved by a majority of commission members present and participating at meetings.
   C.   Commission meetings must meet the requirements of the Idaho open meeting law. The commission will strive to maintain meetings that are expeditious and orderly. The chairperson is empowered to keep the meeting progressing expeditiously, including cutting off debate, determining appropriate comments, and ensuring that decisions by the commission are arrived at collectively, rather than as individual members.
   D.   If a member misses three (3) consecutive meetings, that member will be subject to removal by the Parks and Recreation Commission Chair.
   E.   The commission will meet regularly at a time and place determined by the commission. (Ord. 3681 §2, 2021: Ord. 3382 §17, 2010)