4.05.080: DUTIES:
   A.   It is the duty of the commission to:
      1.   Advise the mayor and city council on the conduct and supervision of public cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, recreational facilities and other recreation activities on any of the properties owned, controlled or maintained by the city, or on other properties with the consent of the owners and occupants thereof;
      2.   Provide monthly, annual and any other reports requested by the mayor and city council;
      3.   Adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations, subject to approval of the mayor and city council, for the proper conduct of the parks, recreation and cemetery facilities in and for the city;
      4.   Create and update, from time to time, a master plan for development of cemetery lands and facilities, which shall be recommended to the city council for adoption; and
      5.   Comply with all city policies, procedures, and regulations. (Ord. 3382 §17, 2010)