1938 Code   Date   Description
Chap. XIX   4-9-1897   To Clyde Title Co.
Chap. XIX   11-21-02   To the Logan Natural Gas Co.
Chap. XIX   2-20-20   To the Lake Erie Power and Light Co.
Chap. XIX      Granting S.F. Anges and H.A. Haigh permission to operate a street railroad. To the L.S.E. Ry. Co.
---------------   -------------   Amends ordinance granting street railroad franchise to S.F. Anges and H.A. Haigh.
Ord. No.
1940   10-6-58   Regulates rates charged by Ohio Fuel Gas Co.
1965-6   4-13-65   To Toledo Edison Co. for electricity for 25 yrs.
1965-8   4-13-65   Regulates electric rates charged by Toledo Edison Co.
1965-9   4-13-65   Street lighting agreement with Toledo Edison Co.
1966-4   3-22-66   Regulates rates charged by Columbia Gas of Ohio.
1966-11   3-22-66   Repeals Ord. 1965-29 and executes new contracts with Toledo Edison Co. for street lights.
1968-7   4-23-68   To Toledo Edison Co., it successors and assigns to furnish additional mercury vapor lighting and amending Ord. 1965-9.
1969-24   10-14-69   To Continental Cablevision Co. for furnishing CATV service.
1970-7   3-24-70   To Columbia Gas Co. regulating price that may be charged for natural gas.
1974-32   4-23-74   Repealing Ord. 1970-7 and regulating price that may be charged by Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. for natural gas.
1974-89   8-27-74   Repealing Ord. 1972-15 and regulating price which Toledo Edison Co. shall charge for electric service.
1975-56   6-24-75   Repealing Ord. 1965-9 and prescribing rates which Toledo Edison Co. shall charge for street lighting.
1976-24   1-11-77   To Continental Cablevision Co. amending Ord. 1969-24 concerning CATV.
1976-62   8-10-76   To Toledo Edison Co., regulating price to be charged for electrical service and repealing Ord. 1974-89.
1983-28   6-21-83   Extension of a nonexclusive franchise to Continental Cablevision of Ohio, Inc. and repealing Ordinance 1969-24.
1983-42   8-16-83   Rates which the Toledo Edison Co. shall charge for lighting public places in the City.
1983-79   1-3-84   Regulating the price charged by Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. for natural gas.
1986-35   9-2-86   Regulates the rates to be charged for cable services.
1999-80   5-4-99   Providing for the transfer and assignment of a cable television franchise.
2002-104   11-5-02   Providing approval for a transaction involving a transfer of a cable television franchise.
2005-108   11-15-05   Authorizes a cable television franchise renewal agreement with Time Warner Cable, Inc.
2008-50   6-17-08   Provides for the spin-off of Time Warner Cable Inc.