(a)    There may be projections into required yard areas as follows:
(1)    Architectural features such as canopies, cornices, eaves and other similar features may project not more than four feet.
(2)    Outside stairs and landings may project a distance of not more than six feet.
(3)    Fire escapes may project not more than four and one-half feet.
(4)    Bay windows, balconies or chimneys may project into a front, side or rear yard a distance not exceeding three feet, provided that the aggregate width of such projections shall not exceed one-third of the length of the wall upon which it is located.
   (b)    Porches, carports and covered patios shall be considered parts of the building to which they are attached and shall not project into the required yards.
   (c)    On all corner lots, all yards which front on streets shall be considered front yards, and as such shall meet the minimum front yard requirements specified for the district in which they are located. Also for corner lots, the yards not fronting on a street shall be considered side yards and shall meet or exceed the side yard requirements for the district.
   (d)    On all through lots, the minimum front yard setback specified for the district in which the lot is located shall apply to each yard with street frontage.
(Ord. 1985-40. Passed 8-6-85.)