No land or building shall be used or occupied in any manner creating dangerous, injurious, noxious or similarly objectionable conditions which could adversely affect the surrounding areas or adjoining premises. Any use permitted by the Zoning Ordinance may be undertaken and maintained if acceptable measures and safeguards to reduce dangerous and objectionable conditions to acceptable limits are employed.
   (a)    Any activity involving the use or storage of flammable or explosive materials shall be protected by adequate fire fighting and fire suppression equipment and by such safety devices as are normally used in the building or storing of such material.
   (b)    No activity shall emit dangerous radioactivity at any point, or electrical disturbance adversely affecting the operation at any point of any equipment other than that of the creator of the disturbance.
   (c)    Noise which is objectionable, as determined by the City Manager, due to volume, frequency, or beat shall be muffled or otherwise controlled.
(1)    In determining whether a noise is "objectionable", consideration shall be given to the extent of the noise, frequency or occurrence, time of day, adjacent land uses, and the technology available to control the noise.
(2)    Apparatus used exclusively for public purpose are exempt from this requirement.
   (d)    No vibration shall be permitted which is discernable without instruments on any adjoining property.
   (e)    No emission of air pollutants shall be permitted which violates the minimum Federal requirements as enforced by the Sandusky County Health Department. Dust and other airborne pollutants shall be minimized through the paving, oiling or landscaping of the lot area around any building. Processes and operations of permitted uses capable of dispersing gases or toxic particulates into the atmosphere shall be hooded or otherwise suitable enclosed. The emission of such toxic gases or particulate matter shall be from a stack.
   (f)   Any operation producing intense light or heat, such as high temperature processes like combustion, welding or otherwise, shall be performed within an enclosed building and not be visible beyond any lot line bounding the property whereon the use is conducted. No exterior lighting shall be positioned so as to extend light or glare onto adjacent properties or rights of way.
   (g)    No discharge at any point into any public sewer, private sewage disposal system or stream or into the ground, of any materials shall be permitted except in accordance with the approval of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency or other agency having jurisdiction over such activities.
(Ord. 1985-40. Passed 8-6-85.)